Sarcina Packaging are committed to providing sustainable and environmentally low-impact packaging solutions across our entire product portfolio. This is particularly the case for flexible packaging which generally offers limited recyclability.

Traditional flexible laminations are difficult to recycle due to the array of different plastics that are blended together, rendering it impractical for recycling centres to reclaim the raw materials. Sarcina Packaging are one of the first suppliers in the UK who can offer digitally printed polythene laminated to another layer of polythene (PE/PE), which can then be converted into pouches, bags and roll stock. Due to the mono-material nature of this film, On-Pack Recycling Label Scheme (OPRL) have certified the PE/PE material recyclable. Currently PE/PE is only recyclable alongside plastic bags in larger stores and limited kerbside recycling schemes across the UK, but this is expected to be expanded in the near future.

Typically, these films are utilised for conversion into stand-up pouches and three side sealed bags. We can also supply these films as film on the roll, slit into any width and supplied in the correct outside diameter to suit your form fill and seal machines. All of our low-impact, compostable and recyclable films are suitable for digital and flexographic printing, meaning we can cater to small and large production runs.

Sarcina Packaging are currently running print and conversion trials with a fully paper-based material, that can be digitally and flexographically printed. The material is coated with a fully compostable water-based protective layer – providing adequate barrier properties for many applications. This means the packaging will be fully compostable and can be recycled on the kerbside. The trails are currently due to be completed mid-late 2020.

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