Hooked Pouches

Stand up pouches are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional rigid board packaging. They are perfect for shelf display as they can be printed with impactful images and branding to make your product stand out in progressively competitive retail spaces. Stand up pouches also reduce the amount of space required for the product to be stored, therefore reducing transport costs. Stand up pouches are also a very cost-effective product to use but a sure-fire method of protecting your product against spoiling factors such as water vapour and oxygen infiltration due to their strong barrier properties.

Variations are available where the pouch is resealable, meaning that the contents do not have to be decanted into a container, but will remain fresh for days after being opened in their original packaging. Options are also available where a tear notch can be added to the top of the pouch to allow easy opening, we can also supply pouches with spouts and lids if you need to house liquids or fine materials that will only be used in small amounts over a long period of time. Sarcina Packaging’s stand up pouches can be digitally printed or gravure printed in up to 8 colours on the entirety of the pack, making it an extremely versatile bespoke pouch option.

Stand up pouches are most commonly employed for use with food and edible products, however, can be used to house a variety of products such as cosmetics, powders or chemical products. The applications are endless.

The minimum order quantities for stand up pouches depends on a variety of factors, ranging from print method to the size of the pouch. However, the average print run is 5,000 units for digital printing

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