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Pick Bins are commonly employed for use within warehouses and companies with a need to break down pallets into smaller, organised containers for later shipment.

Correx Modular Pick Bins are becoming an increasingly popular solution for warehouses and retail spaces that use pick bins but have found the traditional cardboard bins to be unreliable. This is most commonly due to cardboard not being able to withstand long periods of time with heavy loads. The cardboard will succumb to natural deterioration of the fibre board as well as UV and impact damage. As a result, the units would become unstable and need replacing.

Correx is a revolutionary alternative as instead of having to be replaced every 6 months, can last upwards of 5 years depending on the grade of the Correx and the design used. Correx is fully recyclable, it is easy to clean, it is water, oil, grease, mould, impact and UV damage resistant.

With the assistance of our design team, Sarcina Packaging can design a pick bin to suit the individual’s needs. Correx can be manufactured in a very wide range of grades, all appropriate for different applications.

The minimum order quantity for Correx is 250kg of raw material.

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