Custom Shelf Ready Packaging

Shelf ready packaging refers to packaging that is used for the transit as well as the display of the housed product. Products that arrive in SRP can be easily placed on the shelf, without the need for unpacking and repacking. Usually, this involves a perforated front flap that can be torn off, in order to display the product.

Shelf Ready Packaging can be seen as a way of extending your products pre-existing marketing. The primary goal is to make your product stand out on the shelf, the packaging has to be visually striking and has to enhance your products prominence in an increasingly competitive and crowded retail space.

“Three out of four new SKUs fail to generate even £100,000 sales in their first year of trading and are often delisted by retailers. Make sure you give your products a fighting chance by maximising the advantages offered by your packaging, including the use of SRPs”

-Marcin Penconek –

Sarcina Packaging is able to provide shelf ready packaging in a number of different formats, the most popular being shelf trays. SRP is usually manufactured using corrugated fibre board but can also be manufactured in a folding boxboard substrate in virtually any grade and can be printed on 100% of the pack. Sarcina Packaging’s designers can assist you with designing a pack that can house your products in any configuration.

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