Quad seal bags provide a great alternative to stand up pouches. They have a flat bottom base, rather than the oval base that stand up pouches have. This allows for a more rigid, solid structure which stands up well on a shelf whilst also slimming the profile of the pouch. Quad seal bags also have four sides, meaning that there are many more printing and branding options.

Quad seal bags are traditionally the packaging solution of choice for coffee and tea companies but have an extraordinarily diverse range of applications. In the same way that stand up pouches do, Flat Bottomed Pouches provide a safe and secure format to package a wide variety of products. The strong barrier protection means that whatever is inside the pouch is protected from water vapour, oxygen and other spoiling factors.

Sarcina Packaging can produce quad seal bags with either bottom gussets or side gussets. Each variant providing different benefits. For example, a side gusset pouch with a 10cm gusset has more volume than a bottom gusset pouch with the same size gusset. Although, people tend to prefer the look of bottom gusset pouches.  We can also produce gusset pouches with transparent windows so your customers are able to view the contents of the pouch before they make the purchase. Quad seal bags can be printed into up to 8 colours on 100% of the bag on either natural unbleached kraft paper, bleached white paper or in LDPE/PET laminated variants. Premium laminates such as matte and gloss finishes are also available.

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