Custom Printed Tissue Paper

Printed tissue paper is a great way of adding a sense of quality to a customers’ purchase and the perfect addition to your existing packaging. Not only does it look great, but it also provides an added level of protection during the transit of your product. Our custom printed tissue paper is bleed resistant and completely acid-free meaning it is suitable for a whole host of different customers including boutique shops, clothing shops, craft stores, art galleries and shoe shops.

Personalised, branded tissue paper is an incredibly simple but effective marketing tool that represents great value for money whilst still providing a lasting impact on your customer. Sarcina Packaging is able to offer litho and flexo printed tissue paper options on a huge variety of different base coloured tissue paper, all of which is acid-free and sustainably sourced from FSC certified producers. 100% ink coverage is available with finishes such as metallic and fluorescent ink.

There are two main different variants of tissue paper that can be printed on. One of which is Machine Glazed printed tissue paper (MG). This is this most widely used tissue paper within the retail sector, primarily used for wrapping products at the counter. You might have seen it being used in footwear shops and used to package fragile goods. It is made from virgin pulp but is fully recyclable following its use.  It is glazed on one side and has a shiny finish.

The other main variant of tissue paper is Machine Finished Tissue Paper (MF). It has a much crisper finish compared to MG paper and has a matte finish on either side. It is generally considered as a better quality of paper compared to MG paper as the texture of the finish is prefered by leading brands such as Selfridges and Harrods. Our MF paper is completely acid-free which means that it has a neutral PH and won’t tarnish or damage delicate goods such as crockery and jewellery.

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