Custom Printed Tape

Let your brand stand out with your very own custom printed tape. Your tape will become a unique communication tool allowing your customers to identify, at a glance, that the delivery is from you. It’s an ideal way to advertise your logo and your brand. Plus, you get to secure your parcels with a personalised tape that can increase reorder rates and strengthen customer confidence in your brand.

Sarcina Packaging is capable of designing, printing and manufacturing custom printed tape. We can print on virtually any sized tape to suit your requirements, but typically the most popular widths are 48mm, 50mm and 72mm, in lengths up to 200m – machine tape variants are available. We are able to produce a range of different types of tape such as PVC, Polypropylene and low noise acrylic variants. We are capable of printing up to 7 colours on a base colour of your choosing. We are also able to accommodate low minimum order quantities and short production runs.

If you require some advice on printed tape or it is your first time looking into a personalised tape, get in touch with our customer service department today and we would be more than happy to discuss your options.

The minimum order quantity for printed tape is 72 rolls.

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