Custom Printed Tape

Sarcina Packaging can design, print, and manufacture custom printed tape in a variety of materials and in various roll widths. Clear or brown Polypropylene or PVC and white or brown Paper tapes are all options. Either as handheld or machine fed, we can provide standard widths of 12mm / 15mm / 24mm / 36mm / 48mm / 72mm / 96mm and 144mm. Roll lengths range from 66m to 500m. Depending on the material of preference tapes can be printed up to 6 colours on a base colour of your choosing. We are also able to accommodate low minimum order quantities and short production runs.

Increasingly popular is our white or brown paper take. Printed onto 60gsm paper and bonded with hotmelt adhesive, paper tape offers great adhesion whilst being a more sustainable product over traditional polymer tapes.

If you require some advice on printed tape or it is your first time looking into a personalised tape, get in touch with our customer service department today and we would be more than happy to discuss your options.

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