The Un Company Printed Tube

At Sarcina Packaging, we have the ability to produce entirely bespoke sizes of printed presentation tubes. Our customers utilise printed tubes for a very large range of industries and applications, including to package bottles, posters, candles, tea and other luxury gift items. Due to the flexibility of the dimensions, they can sometimes even be used to pack unconventional items like umbrellas and ski poles.

Printed cardboard tubes are a great way to make your product stand out in a retail environment that is dominated by traditional boxes and cartons. Your tubes can be litho printed in full-colour graphics, or silk screen printed with solid, bold colours. The tubes can also be foiled and have spot UV applied to make them really stand out on the shelf.

Sarcina can design your tubes to include a shoulder, or butt join, and can supply printed presentation tubes in configurations where the lid slides fully, or part way over the base. There are a huge variety of different covering papers that can be utilised, including fully sustainably sourced white and brown kraft papers and a variety of other coated and uncoated stocks. All tubes can be laminated with a choice of OPP laminates, including matt, gloss, soft-touch and anti-scuff laminates.

Printed paper tubes can help you and your company to:

  • Increase packing speed and fulfilment times
  • Help your product stand out on the shelf
  • Ensure your products are well protected
  • Help to reduce void fill spend
  • Increase brand awareness, and provide a unique aesthetic for your products

All dimensions and components of the tube can be customised, and we can even line the interior of the tube with printed paper if required. We are also able to print onto the top of the lid, and the underside of the base where needed.

Our MOQ on printed tubes is typically 500 units, but this is dependent on the size and style of tube required.

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