Printed Mailing Bags

Printed mailing bags are a great way of optimising your brand’s visual impact with unique, bespoke and eye-catching graphics. They are also an exceptional way of increasing brand exposure and developing a strong brand identity. Sarcina Packaging can produce virtually any variation of mailing bag, with a comprehensive choice of printing options; the possibilities are limitless.


  • Plastic/polythene mailing bags – waterproof, durable and lightweight – meaning you save on transit costs
  • Secure printed mailing bags – strong material, 100% opaque and tamper-evident – ideal for confidentiality
  • Printed mailing bags with handles – Made with strong material and available in a range of colours and grades – perfect for clothing
  • Bespoke mailing bags – available in any size or grade with infinite printing options!

We supply strong, high quality printed mail order bags that are suitable for a huge range of different products. They are designed to withstand the rigours of the courier market without any problems. Whether you are a courier company looking for your own bespoke printed bags, or a business sending products directly to your customers, Sarcina Packaging can help you design the perfect mailing bag for your company. We can help incorporate premium finishes such as matte and gloss laminates. Gauges are typically around the 45-micron mark but we can accommodate polyethene gauges up to 100 microns if you are looking for a durable and premium mailing bag.

Sarcina Packaging can produce mailing bags with very small minimum order quantities/ short production runs but are also able to accommodate large order quantities at very competitive prices. Call one of our packaging experts today to see how we can help you with your bespoke packaging needs.

The minimum order quantities for mailing bags depend on a variety of factors, such as the size of the bag. However, the average production run is above 3,000 units.

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