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Sarcina Packaging provides a wide variety of laminated and mono films supplied on the reel, typically utilised for VFFS (vertical form fill and seal), HFFS (horizontal form fill and seal) and flow wrapping machine applications. We can provide film digitally printed or utilising traditional offset print techniques including flexo and rotogravure printing to suit your requirements.

With such a large range of substrates available, and many lamination possibilities, it can be difficult to arrive at a solution that is best suited for your product. There are many factors to consider; shelf life, barrier properties, roll widths and repeats, materials and finishes. Sarcina Packaging can assist in helping you to navigate the options available but can also help with print trial runs and recommendations for shelf-life.

Sarcina Packaging can supply a huge variety of PET, PE, OPP, metallised and high barrier films suitable for direct food contact, including:

  • Polythene/polyethylene Film
  • Polypropylene Film
  • PET film
  • OPP Film
  • High Barrier Film (EVOH, SiOX etc.)
  • Metalised Film

Sarcina packaging can utilise a variety of different print methods to achieve the best result for your packaging. Your film can be digitally printed at the lower quantities; digital print presents a huge range of benefits over traditional methods, including reduced setup costs, design variant flexibility and servicing lower quantities. Alternatively, should volumes be higher Sarcina Packaging can also flexographically and rotogravure print your film, which offers much more competitive costs at higher volumes.

Film on the reel can be supplied on a core, wound and slit to your machine specifications, with the correct outside diameter to suit your specific fill, form and seal machines. Sarcina can also supply your film on the roll in a variety of formats, including:

  • Single Wound
  • Centre Fold
  • J – Fold
  • Lay Flat

Contact us today to see how Sarcina Packaging can assist in providing you with bespoke, printed high quality film on the reel.



Bi-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) refers to polypropylene films that are generally used for packaging snacks, pasta and confectionary goods and commonly as a collation wrap for multi-packs. The main benefits of BOPP films are is that it has great stiffness and extremely high tensile strength. BOPP also has strong barrier protection properties against water and oxygen. It offers excellent gloss and clarity. Our BOPP is available in gauges from 15-50 microns.

BOPP is corona treated on one side meaning it has very good ink adhesion with flexographic and rotogravure printers. It is suitable for single ply and lamination and can be used on a wide range of packaging machines. It has excellent hot tack and sealing strength. As BOPP is designed to be used with edible products, and thus, it is entirely food safe and produced according to EC and FDA food contact regulations.

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