Sarcina Packaging can supply custom die cut boxes, manufactured to virtually any bespoke size to suit your requirements. But, if you want to take your boxes to the next level there are a variety of different print methods that you can utilise to make your box stand out.

Lithographic Printing (Litho)

Litho printing tends to be compared to photographic print quality and is widely regarded as the highest quality print type on the market. Where digital and flexographic print is best suited to smaller quantities, the price of lithographic printing decreases significantly as quantities increase. Litho printing involves plates being loaded into a printing press where the image is transferred onto a rubber sheet and then applied to the chosen substrate. The process relies on the repulsion of oil and water, the image that is being printed attracts ink from the rollers whilst the unprinted area attracts water, meaning it remains ink-free. Lithographic print can accommodate full-colour printing.

Minimum order quantities can vary depending on the size of the carton/box you would like to produce. This usually falls at around 500 units.

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