The primary job that foam serves is protecting your goods. But, people often make the mistake of using too much of it. You can save money and the environment by using foam end caps. They slot onto the ends of your goods, providing optimum protection whilst reducing the amount of material required, therefore also reducing your transit costs.

Foam end caps are designed to slot onto the ends of your product, suspending it within the outer box. They are very common amongst computer equipment producers and goods which are more susceptible, than usual, to damage. End caps can also be used to transport larger items such as paintings, the end caps can be fixed onto each corner of the item to offer impact protection.

The manufacture of end caps involves foam being die cut to fit the end profiles of the item being protected, this can involve bonding different pieces of foam together. Sarcina Packaging prides itself on being able to undertake complex projects, so if you have an unusual item that you require end caps for contact us today and we can design an entirely bespoke option for your product.

The benefits of using end caps compared to traditional void fill:

  • Your products are protected to a higher degree, meaning fewer returns and replacements
  • Intelligent bespoke design means that end caps require less material, saving you money that you can pass onto your customer
  • Less material means less harm to the environment
  • A much cleaner look and feel compared to traditional product protection and void fill
  • Your transit costs are lowered as the amount of material and weight is reduced

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