Bespoke foam dividers

Foam dividers are used to help protect and divide goods during transit and storage. Usually, it can take as much as a small scratch for a product to be rejected or returned. This can result in extended delays and stock having to be written off.

A problem that many companies face is that lots of foam inserts and dividers are not tailored to fit the outer container they are used with. This means that the divider can move around within the box or tote bin. This can lead to damage of not only the contained product but also the foam dividers that should be capable of withstanding multiple uses. Sarcina Packaging can provide a bespoke, tailored foam divider solution for your products. We are also able to produce the containing box, meaning you can be certain that the two components will work seamlessly with each other.

Sarcina Packaging has a wealth of experience in dealing with foam materials; knowledge which your company can capitalise on. Whether it is your first time looking into a foam solution for your products or you’re looking to reduce lead times, or maybe even lacking storage space, Sarcina Packaging will be able to assist you with your project.

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