Custom Plastic - Polypropylene Labels

Flexographic printing has long been the most popular method of printing onto labels. It uses printing plates and an anlilox roller to offset ink against your chosen substrate. Flexo printing is best suited to high quantity production runs, where a high level of print quality is required, or where spot colours are required.

Flexo printers operate at much greater speeds than digital printers, and thus can offer significant cost savings at higher order quantities. However, with every colour that you print, you will require an additional printing plate and a varnish plate, if required. These origination costs can increase quickly if you are planning to print lots of different design variants; in this instance it may be advisable to opt for digitally printed labels, more information on which can be found here.

Sarcina Packaging can flexo print onto a huge variety of different label substrates, including a range of paper based products with contrasting matt, gloss and satin finishes. For especially premium labels, it is also possible to print onto uncoated or textured Fedrigoni and Colorplan stocks, amongst others.

For labels that need to be more durable, resilient and resistant to damage, or contained in harsher environments Sarcina Packaging can also offer a range of polypropylene labels in gloss or matt finishes. Using polypropylene ensures that you labels will be resistant to water permeation, and will stand up well to abrasion and continued use.

To ensure that your labels stay firmly adhered to your products, Sarcina Packaging can help you to choose from a variety of adhesive types, including strong freezer-grade and permanent adhesives. Alternatively, low-tac and non-permanent adhesives can be provided to ensure that no residue is left on your products when the customer removes the label.

Flexo printed labels can be finished with a diverse range of methods. Your labels can be varnished with matt or gloss inline varnishes or they could be laminated with specialist PP laminates including premium soft-touch or anti-scuff laminates, as well as matt and gloss. It is also possible to foil your labels with the hundreds of different metallic foil options available from Foilco, or another foil brand of your choice.

The options are virtually limitless with flexo printed labels. Call Sarcina Packaging today to discuss how we can help you with your flexo label requirement.

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