Sarcina Packaging can supply custom die cut boxes, manufactured to any bespoke size to suit your requirements. If you want to brand your boxes, there are a variety of different print methods that you can utilise to make your packaging stand out. Flexographic printing is the most popular method for printing onto corrugate boxes, accounting for almost 40% of packaging printing across the globe.

Flexographic (flexo) printing is a form of printing that uses a flexible relief plate in the same way that letter presses used to work. This form of printing can be used to print onto most substrates including plastics, films and paper. It is commonly used to print block colour and simple print requirements such as your company logo, name, addresses and contact details. Or simple information such as ‘THIS WAY UP’ etc. However, advances in flexographic printing technology mean that you can now print detailed gradients and tones.

Whilst you will not achieve the photorealistic print quality associated with lithographic printed packaging, there are a variety of benefits that flexo print can offer:

  • It’s the most cost-effective way to print onto corrugate materials – your artwork is printed direct to board, so there are no complex and expensive laminating processes
  • It can service both small and large production runs, allowing your packaging to scale with your business
  • It’s environmentally friendly, using non-toxic, water-based inks
  • It’s quick – lead times for flexo printed cartons is typically 10-15 working days

As well as being able to print detailed tones to enhance your packaging, you can also utilise specialist inks including florescent tones and metallics – which can be pantone matched. These inks are cost-effective and impactful alternatives to hot/cold foil blocking and screen printing.  Whilst it is possible to print full colour, flexographic print lends itself more to 1-3 colours with bold, block graphics at high volumes, as presses can operate up to 600 meters per minute. It is also possible to manufacture small runs starting at 500 units.

Sarcina Packaging’s flexo printed boxes can be produced on a variety of different board grades, including single walled and double walled variants of white and brown kraft boards. Inside and outside printing can be offered. Your flexo printed box can be designed to utilise crash-lock bases, snap-lock bases and even peel and seal strips/adhesive strips for book wraps and sealable boxes. Sarcina Packaging can also help you to design integrated and separate inserts.

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