Drawer boxes have a multitude of different names including Rigid Slide Box, Tray and Sleeve or Rigid Match Box. They are widely used to package and display high-end books, jewellery products and electronic products. Sarcina Packaging can supply two different variants of drawer boxes, one in a traditional slipcase format that has one side closed off and another variant that has two exposed sides in a matchbox style format. The former variant will usually have a ribbon tab adjoined to the tray to make opening the box easier.

Sarcina Packaging can assist in the production of bespoke drawer boxes, designed and manufactured to your specification. A variety of different board grades are available in addition to a selection of textured and untextured paper stocks to wrap around the rigid box. Embossing and debossing is possible on all of our boxes, as are premium finishes such as block foiling. Sarcina Packaging also manufactures bespoke inserts for rigid boxes, so whether you’re looking for a foam insert, a paper insert or a thermoformed plastic insert, contact us today to see how we can help you.

Sarcina Packaging can offer short manufacturing runs as low as 50 units, however, average manufacturing quantities are in the 3,000 unit range.

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