In recent years, the digital print sector has experienced significant levels of innovation. Presenting a huge range of benefits over traditional methods, digital can help increase design flexibility and reduce your setup costs as well as a whole host of other benefits.

Where digital print was once reserved for small businesses and expensive, short production runs, the HP 20000 digital print presses that Sarcina Packaging utilises are suitable for both small, medium and global brands.

If you’re looking to test the market with a range of new product lines, digital print is perfect, as it offers unparalleled levels of personalisation with print quality that easily rivals flexographic. Because digital print doesn’t use printing plates, it doesn’t require costly setup or origination and you can even create unique designs across each individual pack.

Digital print is perfect for:

  • Being a cost-effective print method, allowing quick and inexpensive entry to market for small and large businesses alike
  • Flexibility – you can personalise each individual pack
  • No setup fees – no printing plates required
  • Launching craft/special edition products or promotional items without having to commit to expensive printing plates or large print runs
  • Being reactive to a dynamic and consumer driven market, with fast moving trends

Sarcina Packaging can digitally print onto a huge range of flexible materials which can then be laminated, including OPP, PE, PET and various other metalised films If you are laminating to a metallised film, Sarcina Packaging can also help you reverse out metallic elements, creating bold metallic effects.

As part of any order, Sarcina Packaging can also offer free of charge test-prints to ensure that your branding, design and colours are perfect before committing to a full production run.

Sarcina Packaging can convert digitally printed film into a huge variety of different formats, including but not limited to:

  • Rollstock
  • Three side seal pouches
  • Doy pouches
  • K seal pouches

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