Die Cut Correx Sheets Custom

Correx is used in many different industries for dividing up shelving space, organising different items and improving the look of a storage space. The medical industry uses Correx to organise their medical supplies rooms, ensuring quick access and sterile, washable storage environments. Fulfilment and warehouses also employ the use of Correx within their warehouses to efficiently store products and items, leading to greater storage efficiency, saving time, space and money in the process. Correx trays are a great reusable storage solution as they can be dismantled and flat packed to ensure easy transport. They take seconds to assemble and can last upwards of 5 years, outliving their cardboard counterparts by years. Correx K bins and Trays are entirely waterproof and UV resistant.

Correx trays are available in a variety of different grades from 3.5mm to 7mm and in an array of stock colours. Sarcina Packaging can assist you with creating an entirely bespoke storage solution to make sure that you utilise your storage space to its fullest potential. Correx trays can be manufactured to virtually any dimensions. Correx bins can also be manufactured with divisions and partitions, essential if you are transporting large numbers of delicate items in the trays such as vials or bottles. The trays can also be manufactured with specialist design features, such as cutout handles or holes to zip tie the trays together.


The advantages of Sarcina Packaging’s Correx Trays:

  • Can be custom designed to any grade, size and specification
  • A range of colours to choose from, giving you scope to colour code your different items
  • The trays can be supplied with Correx inserts to divide and partition the trays
  • Small order volumes and high quantities both available
  • Industry-leading lead-times
  • Applicable to a huge range of different industries

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