Custom Cardboard Dividers

Box inserts and dividers are a great way to compliment any bespoke box. They’re a great addition if you need to hold products securely in their box during transit but are also a premium way of presenting your products. They are essential if your products are fragile or breakable.

Dividers are most commonly used for glass products such as bottles and vials. They segregate your products, divide up space and stabilise your goods, which is essential during transit. Breakages and damage can occur due to a number of different factors including sudden shocks and continuous vibrations, label abrasion can also occur due to the items rubbing against each other. Our dividers can be manufactured in single or double walled formats in any custom cell configuration. There’s no better way to reduce returns and instil confidence within your customers and distributors.

Sarcina Packaging can manufacture bespoke box inserts out of cardboard and Folding Boxboard to hold your products securely in place for shipping and courier handling. There are countless design options to be considered when you are designing your inserts and fitments. Our design team can assist you in designing an entirely custom option, whether your item is particularly heavy, awkwardly shaped or very fragile. Sarcina Packaging prides itself on being able to undertake the more complicated packaging challenges.

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