Our beer bottle carriers are ideal for microbreweries and craft beer breweries. They are a great solution to use for gift selection boxes for your customers. These durable cardboard beer bottle carriers are ideal for printing on and reinforcing your brand identity whilst providing a practical medium for your customers to safely transport your beer. As our boxes are custom made to order we can fit any bottle size from 330ml all the way up to 75cl size if required. The boxes can be die cut to include handles and cut out panels so your beer bottle labels can be displayed. Additionally, our beer bottle carriers are 100% recyclable.

These beer bottle carriers can be manufactured from any grade of cardboard you wish but 150gsm tends to be optimum grade. Our carriers are always supplied flat packed saving you money on storage and transport costs. They are extremely easy to assemble, the sides just need to be pushed together and the entire structure pops together, no glue or tape needed! Our boxes also feature internal divider flaps to stop your bottles knocking together and damaging the bottles and labels.

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