Aluminium Metallised Pouch

Metallised and Aluminium pouches are manufactured using a laminated aluminium, PET, PP and PE and provide an extremely effective barrier protection against spoiling factors such as moisture and oxygen infiltration. They are also very durable, offering your product extra protection during transit. According to researchers at the University of Cambridge, by 2020 aluminium pouches will become one of the most widely used forms of packaging. This can be largely attributed to aluminium pouches being able to withstand very high temperatures, meaning they are able to be used in autoclaving environments. As a result, these pouches can be used in direct food contact applications.

Aluminium pouches are widely used by the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector. This is due to aluminium packaging’s strong barrier properties, meaning medical samples and devices can be safely transported whilst remaining sterilised. Our metallised pouches are commonly used to house bandages, Petri dishes, medical accessories and other medical instrument sets.

You might have seen foil pouches being used for packaging health food and nutrients (a market sector that has been dramatically expanding in recent years). This is primarily due to the packaging’s protection against contaminants and moisture but also the protection against UV light, this means that your nutrients, protein powder or health food stays more effective for longer. Another increasingly popular application for Aluminium and Metallised pouches is within the drink sector, most notably Ice & Easy –

If you are looking for packaging that is easy to carry and transport, offers great protection against bacteria, oxygen, moisture, UV light and odours then look no further. Sarcina Packaging can fully customise Aluminium and Metallised pouches to suit your requirements, We are also able to design your packaging to include zip locks and sliders, spouts, screw tops and punched handles. Sarcina Packaging can print your metallised pouch in up to 8 colours with 100% print coverage, meaning you can be spotted in an increasingly competitive retail environment.

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