Red Colour Design Swatches

Complete design service

Sarcina Packaging offers a full packaging design service. Whether you have existing artwork and need it to be laid up or require a complete redesign, Sarcina Packaging’s design team can ensure your packaging looks as good as it possibly can.


Sarcina Packaging takes time to listen to your brief and your design requirements and packaging objectives. There is a lot to consider when designing your packaging – from the substrate being used to the finish and gauge of the material. Our team will consult with you to determine the most appropriate choice of substrate and print types and will always be on hand to advise you if we think another packaging solution may be better suited to your product. As part of the design process, we can also supply blank CAD samples for size and style testing.

Cutter Guides

Cutter guides also known as ‘net blanks’ represents the entire print face of your packaging and the dimensions of your chosen substrate. Sarcina Packaging can assist you with the design of your cutter guides and can input your artwork onto the guide. If you haven’t already developed your artwork, we offer a complete design and reprographic service to meet your requirements.

Pre Production Proofs

Upon request, Sarcina Packaging can supply pre-production proofs. A pre-production proof can be supplied in a digital format or as a physical, printed proof. They allow to you view your custom design before we put the entire run into production. Pre-production proofs are always recommended if time allows for it, as they will give you the best idea of how your items will appear when they are mass printed.

Colour Matching & Pantone Colours

There is no universal colour standard within the packaging industry. Different manufacturers and customers will use different schemes, some will use Pantone colours, others will use CMYK colour profiles. Sarcina Packaging is able to offer a colour matching service that will guarantee an exact colour match between your different packaging solutions so you can be certain of overall brand consistency.